Our Process



We are proud to boast a virtuous provision process.

  1. Ethical Sourcing All Great Lengths hair is sourced from Indian temples where the hair is voluntarily donated as part of a ritual process called tonsuring. All money exchanged is used to improve the community's conditions.

  2. Colour Removal Great Lengths' de-pigmentation process sees the hair’s dark colour molecules gently lifted and fully removed from the cortex of the hair by osmosis. This is in opposition to the traditional harsh chemical bath methods which break down the colour molecule, without fully removing it from the cortex of the hair.

  3. Colouring While traditional colour methods re-deposit colour over top of damaged colour molecules, Great Lengths colour removal process fully removes colour molecules, creating a clean space for the new pigment to occupy. This ensures the colour sits firmly in place, and therefore, will not fade. We are immensely proud of our colouring process, which ensures the hair’s condition remains of the finest quality. A dedicated team of master colourists do every step of this process by hand.

  4. Blending Finally, the hair is hand-blended to create the full colour range of over 60 shades. Our hair is never just one single colour, it is expertly blended to achieve a natural look.