Summer Maintenance


SUMMER: The season of sun, sweat, salt water & chlorine.

Each can be factors in damaging your natural hair as well as your extensions. 

Bonded extensions’ biggest threat can be water, especially salt or chlorine enriched water! Chemicals in our pools and salt in the ocean can dry out the extensions and damage the bonds. If your client is going to swim, we suggest braiding and putting the hair up on top of the head, so it is not submerged into the water.  If the extensions do get wet, take special care by washing the hair with any Great Lengths shampoo, followed by Anti-Tap Water, and then the Great Lengths Deep Conditioning Mask. Dry the bonds immediately. These are key ingredients for keeping their mermaid mane beautiful! 

The Science:

The average person’s PH is 5.5. When we sweat our PH levels rise and become alkaline (having a PH greater than 7.) 

For our active clients or those who worship the sun, it is important to advise them to wash their hair with Great Lengths Shampoo, followed by Conditioner and Anti-Tap solution to restore their natural PH levels. The Anti-Tap solution can be pre-made and carried with them when on the move.  We also suggest refreshing the solution every 3 weeks.

Pool and Sea Hair:

The best way to restore the PH balance of your scalp and hair is by using our Anti-Tap Water Spray to re-infuse your hair with that much needed moisture.

Tangle Taming:

To minimize as many knots and tangles as possible, we recommend tying your hair up in a loose bun or a neat plait. If you’re going to get your hair wet it’s much easier to avoid knots if your hair has been tied back.


The right brush is also an absolute must for us! Especially when hair is likely to get knotted; our Great Lengths travel brush is the perfect beach companion as it’s small enough to fit into any beach bag!

After Sun Care:

Once the fun in the sun is over, it’s time to treat your tresses to our Extra Rich Hair Mask. The mask is perfect to put some moisture back in with luxurious ingredients including Pro-keratin and Vitamin B5.

Whatever you’re doing over the summer, have fun and make sure your hair (and your client's hair!) remains as fabulous as ever!

Lauren Lindberg