Stylist Spotlight: Marianne Savage

Marianne Savage runs Burlington Beauty Bar with a positive attitude and a great sense humour. A salon owner since 2009 and a certified professional hairstylist since 1998, Marianne has completed extensive training with Vidal Sassoon, Chi, Bumble & Bumble, L’Oréal, and of course, Great Lengths, just to name a few. She stays incredibly busy with Great Lengths, and she’s got the Facebook and Instagram feeds to prove it! 

How long have you been working with Great Lengths and what was your inspiration to join the gl network?

I’ve been involved with Great Lengths for over 13 years. The quality and selection were a big factor in my joining the Great Lengths network. Before Great Lengths I did glue-in and sew-in extensions and I realized people love to change up their look, they love something new, so I turned to Great Lengths because I only want what is best for my client’s hair, and I love continuing to learn.  

What did you expect to get out of your Gl certification? Has Great Lengths fulfilled those expectations?

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just wanted to give my clients options. Now, more people are really investing in themselves and I don’t think either my clients or myself, could go without Great Lengths!

What impact has being a Great Lengths Artist had on you and your business?

I love envisioning a client from start to finish and transforming their hair with extensions. I recently had a client who wanted a change, but didn’t want to cut or colour her hair, so I suggested balayage using just Great Lengths. She wanted something subtle, so I chose colours #4 and #3. It turned out beautiful! 

Since then, we’ve spoken about going a little lighter next time and she has already booked her next set! I always tell my clients that are new to Great Lengths: you’re going to be addicted and you won’t want to survive without them. No matter how many times I have heard a client say they will get them just this once, they always come back for more, and that has been huge for my business.

What do you love about Great Lengths?

They make your hair look fabulous- with Great Lengths there is never a bad hair day!

They can really make a difference in a client’s natural hair. A lot of my clients have found with the right person doing their extensions, they can grow out their own hair and even have it grow longer than it’s ever been before, because they do less to their hair when they have Great Lengths. 

If you are feeling down on yourself, feeling self-conscious, doubting yourself or God forbid - feeling fat, Great Lengths is a game-changer. It’s not just about length, volume or colour- it can be a self-esteem booster. I’ve had clients say they feel more confident, sexier, and for me, they make me feel thinner!

How do you advertise your Great Lengths services?

When it comes to advertising, I find the best (and free!) way to do it, is Facebook and Instagram. It’s the new word of mouth. Start a business account, and inject a little personality in it. It’s all about your work and selling yourself. In the past, when people loved something they told 10 people, now all it takes is a like or a share of a photo and millions of people could see it. I’ve created a hashtag for all my work, so that both me and my clients can add photos. 

When I look at a client I don’t see dollar signs, I see a canvas and a billboard. I think, “How fantastic can I make you look?” When a client goes out or posts a selfie, I want people to ask, “Who does your hair?!” That is the best advertisement.

What advice do you offer newly certified stylists to best take advantage of their Great lengths skillset?

Always make the client feel welcome. It starts from the first minute you meet them. If they trust you and they feel comfortable with you they will return. If they love you and you treat them right, everyone they know will be coming to you! The best tip you can get is a referral!

Do you have a hair hero?

I’m going to sound cheesy, but my mom is a retired hairstylist and my Great Lengths removal queen and a big part of my hair world. A couple of others: Vidal for his greatness, his work and his ability to make everyone feel equal. I feel he was a very humble man! The Cat in the Hat, Robert Cromeans is amazing, so motivating, a must see. Last but not least, Farouk Shami. I had the pleasure of working for his company as an educator, as well as working at their first hair show in the middle east (Egypt). He is very inventive and creative. There is so much you can learn from him.

If you could choose anyone, whose hair would you love to work on?

Britney! She needs a little love! 

What or who do you look to for inspiration?

Inspiration is so easy to find now with YouTube and Instagram. I have two little kids so when they watch a movie for the tenth time, I watch hair videos or take hair classes online. I love that there is no excuse for people anymore- you can learn anywhere. There is always something new to help you improve, or even just to refresh something you may have forgotten. 

What is your favourite thing about being a stylist?

Everything. I really love my job. I like getting people excited about their hair and educating them on how to make their hair the best it can be. I love to make people as happy as I possibly can. It’s all about making a person look and feel good.

Do you have a favourite mantra, a quote or a saying?

“Only you walk in your shoes.” My salon is a place of no judgement. I try to stay positive and stress free, and encourage my clients to do the same. And… If you’re having a bad day, get your hair done!

What are your goals and aspirations moving forward?

Definitely more classes and shows. I love educating my clients so maybe I’ll get back into working for a company and educating again part-time so I can still fit in all my clients. We will see where the wind blows me, I’m open to any new adventure.

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Lauren Lindberg