Stylist Spotlight: Hugo Mainville

Hugo Mainville is a master hair colourist, a L’Oreal Professionnel Portfolio Artist and last but not least, a Great Lengths educator. With his many years of experience, Hugo brings a passion and excellence to his educational seminars.

As a Great Lengths Educator, Hugo prepares stylists to provide personalized service of the highest quality, whether clients seek volume, length, texture or a specialized service that only a Great Lengths Artist can provide. With 20 years’ of experience as a professional hair colourist, Hugo has developed a keen eye for color pigments, and how to best enhance looks and hairstyles, a great asset when planning colour placement for hair extension installations.

How long have you been working with Great Lengths what was your inspiration to join the Great Lengths network?

I have been working with Great Lengths for about 5 years. I hated hair extensions prior to knowing them! I made the decision to add Great Lengths to my services because I want the best of the best for my clients.  

When you originally trained with Great Lengths, what did you expect to get out of it? Has Great Lengths fulfilled those expectations? 

First, I wanted to get a deep understanding of the product. Second, I wanted to know how far I could go with the product from an artistic angle. Third, I wanted to do hair extensions for the right reasons. The training fully met those expectations. So much so I became an educator in Quebec!  

What impact has being a Great Lengths Artist had on you?

Becoming a GL artist has made me an expert and a frank stylist. Truth and nothing but the truth. The mix of colours between natural hair and extensions is what I like the best. My goal is to create the perfect illusion. Accordingly, the best compliment for me is when a client tells me that people do not believe her when she says she wears hair extensions. Mission accomplished! Cold fusion allows for more refined colour combinations and very neat/clean application.  

What advice do you offer newly certified stylists to best take advantage of their Great Lengths skillset?

I always tell stylists I have just trained that they are becoming masters of illusion. They have the power to change things, create the impossible, make it real. Nobody likes poor work. They must be at their best and maintain the highest standards. That way, the brand maintains prestige and they can be associated with that prestige.

What are your colour prediction for the summer months?

This summer, all colours are trendy as long as the women wearing them own and embrace them. Now more than ever, women need to live fashion, not just wear it. In a nutshell: be the trend, do not just wear it! Whether you are blond, a redhead or a brunette, you must own your colour. Just like the essences that comprise the scent of a fragrance, multiple pigments combine to bring your colour to life. There is no accident, it is not a question of chance: your colour becomes your signature.

do you have any style predictions for summer?

As for trending haircuts, it is all about deconstruction and a hint of ‘calculated negligence’: the buns and hair are loose, but it should remain sophisticated. The haircut needs to be able to adapt to different activities throughout the day: at the office, but also after work in a trendy bar and finally in a fancy restaurant. It is the same for clothes.  

Do you have a style icon? Or a hair hero?

My fashion references and icons can be divided into three categories of hair colours. Blonds: Charlize Theron. Redheads: Amy Adams. Brunettes: Keira Knightley. These women embody the versatility of their own style. From short to long hair, straight to curly, lighter to darker, they have embraced numerous styles but never lost the essence of who they are.

What do you look to for inspiration?

My clients are my inspiration. Each one is like a canvas on which I practice my art. 

what is Your favourite quote or saying?

“Don’t wear Fashion, Be the Fashion”

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Lauren Lindberg