Stylist Spotlight: Francesca Roussos-Vultao

Francesca Roussos-Vultao is a 15 year salon industry veteran. She is a L’Oreal Master Hairstylist, a Great Lengths specialist, a special FX and event styling artist, and co-owner of the Brush House (which recently celebrated its first anniversary!). On top of her busy career, Francesca is a mom of two girls. She works hard to maintain her position as role model to her daughters, to build relationships with her clients, and to create a positive attitude and energy in her salon.


I have been in the beauty industry since I was 14 years old. I started my career helping out in a salon until I became an assistant, and eventually a hair stylist. Throughout the development of my career, I always had a passion for business. For as long as I can remember, my goal was to own my own salon and be my own boss. It has taken dedication, commitment, and a strong work ethic; I’ve worked long hours and made a lot of sacrifices to get where I am today, never taking no for an answer - success was my only option. Fun fact about me, work aside, I consider myself to be super sporty; I have played recreational hockey and soccer for most of my life.


Congratulations on celebrating The Brush House’s one year anniversary! What was the biggest lesson learned in your first year?

Thank you! I am so excited to be celebrating my one year anniversary. It has been quite the ride, and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Like anything else, starting something new can be very overwhelming. It has been a lot of late nights and large cups of coffee! When creating a salon from the ground up you can encounter several hiccups; everything has been a learning experience, from design to construction. My takeaway from all of this is: nothing is perfect and you shouldn't sweat the small stuff, because when you finally create your perfect space to work in every day, you feel so lucky to be doing what you love in a space you love.


How long have you been working with Great Lengths, what was your inspiration to join the GL network?

I have been working with Great Lengths for over 10 years now! My clients were my inspiration to join. I love the look on their faces when they see the results, whether it is a dramatic change or something simple. I love watching someone’s self-esteem grow; someone who may be sick with a condition, who is looking for hair support, or who just wants to feel beautiful. Helping them achieve that with the help of Great Lengths is why I got into this industry to begin with.


What impact has being a Great Lengths Artist had on you and your business?

Great Lengths has had a big impact on me and my business. There are so many options for my clients! I’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with clients, and they know that I would never promote something that I don't love and wouldn't use on myself. If they are feeling defeated with their hair, I’m able to provide them with the option of length, volume and/or color, and that makes it possible to watch them walk away happy. Great Lengths allows me to stand out from other extension artists, they provide the extensive training and tools to be successful in my career.


What do you love about Great Lengths?

I love how it is an add-on service! I love the quality, longevity, and versatility; that they are light weight, and not to mention the bond itself is fantastic. Great Lengths exceed expectations and leave my clients extremely content. What I love most of all is watching a client walk away feeling beautiful and with more confidence than when they walked in the door.  


In addition to co-owning The Brush House, you’re a mom expecting baby number two soon- How do you manage to do it all? Do you have any advice or time management tips for those trying to juggle a number of things on the go?

I live by work-life balance. It’s important to me to be a role model for my girls, and set an example of a strong, successful, career-driven woman, who can balance being present for her family and still run a successful business. Every day is planned and organized the day before. My husband and I work together to ensure that our schedules reflect what is going on at home, to make sure we’re not missing out on anything. At times it can still be challenging, and there are always unexpected events that arise. The key is to remember to ask for help, and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.


What is your personal favourite hair trend right now?  

My personal favourite is anything natural, I am not too keen on anything overdone. Having said that, I am extremely open to exploring anything that will satisfy my client.


Do you have any colour or style predictions for Fall 2018?

This Fall, people are going to look to celebrities for the latest trends; using them as inspiration for a new style, and trying to beat them to the punch. I predict Fall will be full of mocha tones, stylish fringe and added layers to change up that summer look. Fall 2018 is the time to make and use your hair as your greatest accessory!


Do you have a style icon? Or a hair hero?

I have several people that I look up too, but they all share common qualities; they enjoy life and have a sense of humor while still striving to reach their goals and stay focused on what’s important.


If you could pick a celebrity, a public figure, anyone at all - whose hair would you love to work on?

I don’t have a particular person in mind; however, I love working on anyone who normally does not pay attention to themselves or their hair; someone that needs a little help stepping outside of their comfort zone. With these types of clients, I feel like I’m giving them the tools to be the best they can be, and helping them to be a better version of themselves.


What or who do you look to for inspiration?

I like to stay in the know when it comes to social media. I am constantly looking at hair trends, styles, and fashion. Seeing different looks on different people, coupled with my experience, helps me make great suggestions to my clients that I know they will love. 


What advice would you offer newly certified stylists to best take advantage of their GL skillset?

Always stay educated. Life can get extremely busy, but it’s very important to make time for learning. You won’t regret it. And, make sure your clients know the possibilities that Great Lengths offers - the sky is the limit!


Do you have any Great Lengths do's and don’ts?

DO: Stay up to date with the latest trends, and what they have to offer. Always have a proper consultation to assess your clients, their hair, and their needs.
DON’T: Rush your applications. Always stay neat, and organized, and make sure that you are walking your clients through your step-by-step process. 



I am extremely personable, and that makes it easy for clients to connect with me. I work on building trust with each and every client, letting them know that they can feel safe in my chair. Most importantly, I LISTEN to their needs to determine what it takes to achieve what they are looking for. I am a firm believer in positive energy, and I always make sure that my energy shines through.



My favorite thing about being a stylist is getting to know my clients and building not only professional relationships, but friendships. I love helping and knowing that each person is leaving better and more vibrant than when they walked in.



“Believe and Achieve” 



I would like to maintain my success, and I look forward to the future growth of my business. 



Lauren Lindberg