Solutions to Winter's Hair Havoc

Healthy hair is not only a beauty basic – it’s a must in our beauty books. The problem: It’s cold out there! Low moisture content of the outside air, combined with the heated inside air, can put your hair and your scalp under a lot of stress. Further, if you wear a hat to keep warm, the friction from the fabric rubbing against your hair creates static electricity. The result? Dry, dull hair that resists any attempt at styling.

A proper care routine is a must to keep hair healthy and looking great during the winter months. Have your clients pay extra attention to their extensions to maintain moisture and shine despite the elements. Read on for some solutions to common cold weather hair problems.

PROBLEM: Dull hair. 

Heat and friction interfere with the natural structure of hair and damage hair cuticles, which may lead to brittle and dull-looking hair.

SOLUTION: Condition. 

Rich conditioning treatments prevent damage and make damaged hair cuticles smoother. Great Lengths Extra Rich Hair Mask conditions, repairs and strengthens the hair. It also helps hair retain moisture, preventing dryness and tangling, and keeping hair soft and shiny!

PROBLEM: Dry hair & scalp,  

caused by the lack of moisture in the air.

SOLUTION: Moisturize.

Just like skin and nails, hair can easily become dry and brittle during the colder months. Lock in moisture to keep hair soft and healthy with a weekly conditioning treatment. The Great Lengths Extra Rich Hair Mask contains pro-keratin to rebuild the structure of dry and damaged hair, and is perfect for providing your client’s hair with some much-needed TLC.


Remind your clients to give their hair and scalp a break and wash a little less. The high pH level in water can cause your scalp to dry out and create dandruff.  To combat this issue, suggest using Great Lengths Anti Tap Water as a final leave-in treatment after every shampoo.  The complex formula of Panthenol, Biotin and their patented GSP-T regulates the pH level of the hair and scalp, helping to control dandruff and leaving the hair silky, shiny and static free.


PROBLEM: Fly-away hair.

Arguably the most annoying aspect of winter hair, fly-away hair is caused by heated indoor air and the contact of our hair fibres with the fabric fibres of hats, headbands, and clothing. The movement of these fibres against hair produces static electricity, making it stand on end.

SOLUTION: Styling products.

We recommend Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water. This aftercare spray not only controls the PH balance of the hair and scalp, but it infuses moisture and helps to control static and dryness.  

Problem: Hat hair. 

Let’s face it, it’s way too cold to go outside without a hat on a cold wintery day! Your favourite hat will keep your ears warm, but unfortunately your hairdo will be undone.

Solution: Weather-proof!

Don’t let the wind, rain, snow and a winter hat spoil your style! Great Lengths Soft Finish Spray is perfect for clients to keep a look in place. It gives hold without weighing hair down. Banish that flat hat hair with this strengthening, volume boosting spray. Pro tip: keep it around during the day to revive a look. 

Problem: Split ends  & breakage

and breakage caused by dryness and too much heat.

Solution: Less heat. 

Cutting back on heat styling in the winter is essential, because there’s already that excess dryness in the air. Using heated styling tools will only increase the level of damage. Reminding clients to take time out from the hairdryer and styling tools once a week, may make a world of difference to the quality of their hair. For those clients with Great Lengths extensions, even though they must blow dry the bonds and/or tapeline, they can leave the length to dry naturally whenever possible. This will reduce the amount of stress and strain, and keep their locks looking luscious! 

BONUS: Line winter hats 

with silk or satin to help prevent split ends. Wool, cotton, and other coarse fabrics can cause split ends and breakage.

Great Lengths aftercare products are essential to the suggested regimen for proper home care. They’ll help to extend the longevity of the installation, while keeping both natural hair and her extensions looking beautiful. 

Lauren Lindberg