Our 2019 International Collection: Hair Like You


What if you unlearned everything you thought you knew? Forgot all the rules? Rejected all the “musts” and assumed truths and went beyond what you have been told?

What if you saw yourself with fresh eyes? Believed you were beautiful in your own way? Set out to find your own beauty?

What if you found the feeling that you can be whomever you want, however you want? Simply yourself, in all your greatness. Nothing is more powerful than you. Nothing is more beautiful than what you are.

This is the narrative of the newest Great Lengths global campaign ‘Hair Like You’.

‘Hair Like You’ celebrates female empowerment, and ignites that empowerment through originality, confidence, and beauty, using Great Lengths Extensions as a means to enhance that originality.

Great Lengths hair extensions are like no other, they’re hair like you. They are customizable to fit each guest’s unique hair needs because no two individual’s hair is the same. Our keratin bonds can be cut smaller to accommodate clients with finer hair; there are over 70 shades and the available lengths range from 8-24 inches. Great Lengths Extensions truly are ‘Hair Like You’

This ‘Hair Like You’ campaign takes place in the stunning setting of Rome, the iconic city where Great Lengths was founded, and where our largest production plant is still located. Alongside the diverse group of models, is the Dorja Pamphilji Palace, an exquisite museum filled with priceless art, and the perfect backdrop to celebrate unique, diverse and modern beauty.

Typically, extensions are perceived as a tool to achieve extreme length in dramatic ways, but extensions can accentuate natural hair with beautiful and subtle results. Extensions are an option for women who prefer a minimalistic and natural look too and this is well showcased by the six ‘Hair Like You’ models. Featuring long, medium and short styles, each look achieves effortless and natural volume unique to individual beauty and style. This is made possible with a perfectly controlled application of Great Lengths extensions.


Great Lengths 2019 campaign, Hair Like You, features hair by Danielle Keasling, Diego Vulpetti, Nancy Lee Randolph, Giselle Obinu, and Lorzenzo Belardi, and was photographed by Andrea Olivo at Aura Photo Agency. Check out the collection of campaign photos and the official video below.

Lauren Lindberg