Introducing: GL Tapes



GL Tapes and GL Tapes Plus (with hidden tape line) are the most recent addition to the Great Lengths Line. 

They are both tape on tape systems, sandwiching the client’s hair in between. Using the same virgin quality hair Great Lengths is known for; GL Tapes and GL Tapes Plus give stylists the opportunity to introduce extension services to a broader client base with lower application price points and less application time commitment, all without compromising the quality of the hair used or the resiliency of the application. 

The GL Tapes Plus can be used as the top piece of the sandwich in the finer areas around the face, at the crown and at the part line.  Because the tape line is covered with hair, it is substantially less detectable than the GL Tapes alone. 

The GL Tapes and Tapes Plus have a tape line of only 1” wide by 3/8” deep, much smaller and more natural looking than any other tape on tape system on the market. The tape line’s polyurethane strip is lined with toile, providing more strength and longevity; therefore, allowing for multiple re-applications. 

GL Tapes and GL Tapes Plus make getting extensions so much easier, faster and more affordable. A full head installation takes less than 90 minutes, and better still, the hair can be re-taped and re-used numerous times! Guaranteed your clients will fall in love with GL Tapes and GL Tape Plus!


GL Tapes & GL Tapes Plus

10 Pieces per Package (5 sandwiches)

Estimated Arrival Time: 


GL Tapes - Available in 

  • 10”, 14”, 18” and 22” Lengths

GL Tapes Plus –Available in 

  • 14”, 18” Lengths

GL Fashion Colours  

  • Available in 16” length only

Lauren Lindberg