GL Makeover on Marilyn Denis!

A number of women experience hair loss, thinning hair, or fine hair. While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it can definitely affect a woman’s confidence. Aaron O'Bryan from the Cellar Salon in Yorkville comes to the rescue! On Friday’s appearance on Marilyn Denis, Aaron gave three women makeovers to enhance their thinning hair, using First Lady and Great Lengths Products.

Aaron gives Lisa, the third featured makeover, Great Lengths Tapes to help her with her “shrinking hair.” Lisa has a nice amount of hair on the top of her head, but experiences problems with breakage, and has trouble growing her hair.

When asked how she was feeling after her makeover, she said she felt “grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful… grateful! I feel like I won the lottery.”


 “The Royalty of Hair,” as Aaron calls them, Great Lengths Tapes, are not for hair loss, but instead are for fine hair, or hair that is lacking length and/or body. Lisa is a swimmer and her GL Tapes will fit nicely into her lifestyle; while swimming she’ll either tie her hair up or tuck her hair into a swim cap. With her GL Tapes, Lisa is set for approximately 8 weeks, at which point Aaron will remove, and reapply her Tapes up to three more times, depending on how well she cares for them.

Before and After GL Tapes!

Before and After GL Tapes!

Lauren Lindberg