5 haircare tips for Fall

The saying goes, “sweater weather is better weather”, but the change in temperature can really confuse hair.  Fall’s dry, cold air can make hair frizzy, brittle, and totally unmanageable.

We've got some tips to help you and your clients maintain beautiful, healthy hair all season long.


1. BE SURE TO Get a fresh cut

We know Great Lengths clients are attached to their length, but a summer of sun exposure can leave your hair damaged and unhealthy looking. A small trim to clean up split ends is super beneficial to restore the health of both Great Lengths extensions and natural hair. The longer your hair, the more susceptible it is to breakage. New season, new hair!

2. Give the ponytail a rest

The much-loved ponytail is cute and quick, and is especially great for hot summer days, but there is a downside. Ponytails can cause breakage and scalp stress. As the weather gets colder, and your hair gets dryer, it gets worse. Welcome Fall by wearing hair down or only softly pinned up.

3. Give your hair an extra dose of moisture

The transition from Summer to Fall is a vital time to add a hair mask to your routine. A change in shampoo and conditioner can help too. These changes in routine will help your hair adjust to the change in temperature and recover from some of Summer’s drying elements, such as salt water, sun and chlorine. Treating hair and extensions with Great Lengths Deep Conditioning Mask will condition ends and will leave hair refreshed and renewed with a healthy shine. It will also help clients combat the static and tangles that come with Fall hats, scarves and indoor heating- which is extremely drying to extension hair, especially when coupled with the use of heat-activated tools. 

Before doing any kind of heat styling, spritz a touch of Great Lengths Heat Protector Spray on strands to help prevent breakage. Finish with Great Lengths Hair Serum and your hair will look and feel as good as new!


4. Invest in volumizer

Love it or hate it, Summer’s humidity can mean big hair. As the weather gets colder, the humidity decreases, which may cause your hair to go flat. Give your roots an extra boost to keep that healthy volume way up. This can be achieved with volumizing products, or you might consider adding an extra bundle of Great Lengths. Hello thick and beautiful hair! 

5. Go darker

Summer is synonymous with sun-kissed hair and highlights of all shades. But as the cold weather approaches, time spent outdoors in the sunshine definitely shortens, and those sun-kissed highlights begin to fade. Beat nature to the punch by going a shade or two darker for Fall. Colouring hair darker will even out the highlighted areas and allow the transition to look much more natural. 

Lauren Lindberg