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Great Lengths was founded in Rome in 1985. In 1992, the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer was developed and patented by Great Lengths International. Ever since, Great Lengths has flourished in over fifty countries, offering excellence to hairstylists and customers all over the world.

We are an indisputable champion of quality. Our patented keratin bond is a polymer compound specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair and moves and behaves as such. This bond, in combination with our 100% virgin remy hair, in which all cuticle layers face the same direction, ensures an extension that performs exactly like your own hair, blending perfectly, for a finish that is completely natural looking.


We aspire to help woman have the hair they yearn for.  


We know how important hair is to overall self-image. Therefore we place huge value on naturalness and customization.

We view our extensions as a synonym for self-care and well-being. They are a safe and eco-compatible beauty tool, produced in full respect of human rights and ethical values.


We value innovation, quality, empowerment and ethics.



Scientific research and experimentation are integral parts of our DNA. Our patented procedure was born from brilliant intuition and the dedication to its realization. We have applied the same processing treatment to our hair that is used when processing precious material such as cashmere. This creates exceptional results in terms of durability and preservation of the hair's natural integrity.


Our products stand unrivalled in:

  • Respect for the integrity of our raw material, the hair!

  • Durability, safety and traceability of the product

  • Professional support for application techniques

  • Selection of certified salons as partners for distribution


Our hairstylists can count on Great Lengths as a stimulus for their creativity.  Our clients can count on Great Lengths to empower them with the hair they have always wished was possible.


We are led by our ethics. Unlike other competing companies, when it comes to raw materials, Great Lengths can boast a virtuous provision process, beginning with the origin of our hair. All hair comes from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices. We buy hair from Hindu temples at official auctions, guaranteeing a fair exchange and ensuring that revenues are reinvested in socially useful projects. Our commitment to ethics does not stop here. We ensure safe working environments, and achieve all relevant certifications in regard to quality, security and environment; and we constantly set new goals for our social responsibility.