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Swarovski Crystal Strands

Apply Genuine Swarovski Crystal strands to inspire a unique statement for a wedding, special occasion or red carpet event. For a seamless blend, strands are available in clear, red and blue crystals on black, red, brown and blond threads.

Strands are available in 16” lengths,


Clear crystal -  Black thread
Clear crystal -  Blond thread
Clear crystal -  Brown thread
Clear crystal -  Orange thread
Clear crystal -  Red thread
Amethist crystal -  Blond thread
Amethist crystal -  Brown thread
Cobalt Blue crystal -  Blond thread
Cobalt Blue crystal -  Brown thread
Fushia crystal -  Blond thread
Fushia crystal -  Brown thread
Ruby crystal -  Blond thread
Ruby crystal -  Brown thread
Topaz crystal -  Blond thread
Topaz crystal -  Brown thread