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Everything is not what it seems

We at Great Lengths Canada have over the years dealt with consumer complaints about their extensions – from issues dealing with poor installation to questionable hair quality. 

Complaints of any kind are taken very seriously and in each case where a process of due diligence and research has been undertaken, it was determined that the extensions were misrepresented as Great Lengths, and were something different.  Always check our Retail Finder to ensure that the stylist/salon is actually Great Lengths certified before commencing with an extension service. 

Great Lengths extension artists work with Great Lengths machines and equipment.  If the name isn’t visible, it probably isn’t Great Lengths.  Finally, Great Lengths does not sell product to anyone working out of their home unless that home has a professional salon attached to it.  Even then, salons must pass specific requirements in order to offer Great Lengths services.  Again, the best rule to follow is to check the Retail Finder to determine if that stylist/salon is listed.  If you have any doubts or questions about anyone offering Great Lengths services, simply call 1-800-461-9302 and speak to one of our Customer Service Consultants.  They will be happy to assist to ensure that any stylist offering Great Lengths services is legitimately able to do so.

If at any time after an installation you are unhappy with your hair, please go back to your Great Lengths certified artist to discuss the issues you are having.  Most of the time any issues raised can be resolved.  The wrong direction is to go to another salon/stylist for an opinion or any other service.   Great Lengths and our artistic network stand behind our product, but the guarantee ends when you go to a non-certified stylist for any kind of salon service – cut, colour, relaxing, straightening, conditioning treatments, etc.  Only an extension artist, properly trained and certified by Great Lengths, is qualified to work with our hair extensions and protect the investment made with an installation.