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Caring for your Extensions

Great Lengths® accessories are specifically designed to work perfectly with your Great Lengths® extensions. Make sure you use only certified Great Lengths® Accessories to ensure the best possible results.

  • Colour Rings
  • Gel Removal Solution
  • Large Loop Brush
  • Removal Tweezers
  • and more...

The GL APP Saftey Band

Increase GL APP installation

GL Apps Update – As we continually work to improve the functionality of our products, Great Lengths has developed the New GL App Safety band and the GL App Kit. The safety band has been designed to specifically increase the longevity of an installation for customers who lead a very active lifestyle or who have excessively oily hair. This new “optional” step has been added to create an extra barrier between the scalp and the under layer of hair holding the Apps.


The GL APP Kit

Tweezers and Scissors for secure application

GL App kit – this handy kit includes a Flat Tweezer Applicator which clamps directly over the GL App once applied to the client’s hair – the additional even pressure when using the tweezers gives a firm hold ensuring that there are no air bubbles or loose spots. The kit comes complete with a pair of scissors for cutting the GL APPS replacement film plus the Flat Tweezer Applicator.