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Great Lengths® accessories are specifically designed to work perfectly with your Great Lengths® extensions. Make sure you use only certified Great Lengths® Accessories to ensure the best possible results.

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Hair Care Products
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Herra Protect Hair Perfume

Protective Hair Perfume

Herra Protect Hair Perfume - BLOWOUT $19.95

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Herra Protect Hair Perfume is an innovative product created by the joint expertise of London’s finest hair talent, James Davis and a leading fragrance expert.

Herra Protect Hair Perfume is a daily protective weightless hair treatment that moisturizes and hydrates the hair whilst the captivating fragrance works in harmony with your own perfume.

Now available exclusively through Great Lengths Salons across Canada. Visit our salon finder salon finder or call us directly at 1-800-268-2242 to find a salon near you.


Specialized hair care for the worlds most beautiful hair extensions


Introducing the new Nature Dual-Active-System by Great Lengths! If you have extensions you should understand the fundamentals of successful care for natural hair and hair extensions: As soon as the growing hair finishes growing (Telogen), the hair remains in the follicle but is no longer ‘anchored’. It only has a protective film from the sebaceous glands. Increased length, age and environmental damage decrease the natural growth of new hair cells. With every inch of growth, the necessity for quality professional restorative hair care products increases as well. However, not only insufficient hair care damages hair, excessive care can be bad for your hair as well!

Two intensive years of comprehensive lab research in product development and clinical testing has paid off. The new hair care system from Great Lengths is the ultimate innovation for naturally healthy hair. Never has hair care been so comprehensive, so effective and so stable. Great Lengths introduces a new after care hair-care system to protect not only your Great Lengths, but also your natural hair.

The New Ingredients

Lasting Cell Protection

The patented GSP-T is gained as an extract from “Pinot Noir”- grape seeds. In nature, it protects sensitive cells against damage or destruction through environmental influences. We use it for lasting and permanent protection of sensitive hair cells. Being an effective anti-oxidant as a defence against free radicals, GSP-T works 50 times better than Vitamin E and 20 times better than Vitamin C. This means: maintenance of the natural vitality of your hair, prevention of dehydration, maintenance of the hair colour and increase of the natural healthy radiance of your hair.

Strengthening Care

The innovative ingredient complex AQUARICH® comes from “black oats” and is responsible for the build up and regulation of the cells. The high content of sulphur-containing amino acids strengthens the scaly layer of the hair. Polysaccharides form an additionally paper-thin layer that protects the hair against dehydration. Further substances in AQUARICH® work against frizzing of the hair, prevent premature hair loss and make brittle hair elastic. All in all,
AQUARICH® ensures thorough in-depth care and strengthening of the hair. Tangles are significantly reduced!

GR8 – Innovative Colour Protection

This special ingredient protects natural and cosmetic hair colour against destruction through UV-radiation. The protection range is unique: UV-A and UV-B-radiation from 290-340 nm. This means ideal protection against light and direct sunlight. Scientific tests confirm that the preservability of the hair colour is increased by over 50%. SOLAMERTM GR8 ensures intensive, vibrant hair colours for an extremely long period of time.

Reliable Hair Repair

A selected mixture of amino acids and proteins that are related and identical to those of hair. They penetrate the hair deeply and build up exactly where natural hair substance is lacking. This way, porous zones are filled, evened out, and reliably repaired.

For a Vital Balance

As an important vitamin from the Vitamin-B-complex BIOTIN contributes to the regulation of the cell characteristics. It promotes the natural balance of the scalp. This strengthens the hair. This way, BIOTIN creates beautiful hair with a vital look.

The Lightweight Shine Contributor

The precious Argan-oil is gained from the nut of the Moroccan argan tree. In exact concentration and dosage, it works wonders for the shine of your hair. Your hair will shine like never before being weighed down or strained.

The Extra Strong Cleanser

This extremely mild and yet still very effective cleanser was developed specifically for the removal of strongly adhesive particles. It thoroughly removes coats of styling products or stubborn dust.



Nurturing Care for Stressed Hair

Structure Repair Shampoo was specifically developed for dry, brittle, strongly stressed and unmanageable hair. The regreasing active substances clean your hair and scalp in an especially mild way. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. PRO-KERATIN supplies the hair with valuable regenerative substances, it repairs porous zones and gives your hair new elasticity and volume. Pro-Vitamin B5 ensures a healthy moisture balance in your hair and scalp. The pH-value 5,5 is gentle to your scalp.

1L 250ml

Super-Sensitive Freshness for Every Day

The shampoo for gentle daily hair care. Daily Moisture is adequate for all types of hair, but especially for slightly dry tips and dry to slightly oily scalps. GSP-T® additionally protects against free radicals. AQUARICH® supplies valuable regenerative substances, gives your hair volume and shine and reduces static charging. ALOE VERA balances moisture loss and gives your hair special silkiness and manageability. The pH-value 5,5 is especially scalp-friendly and gentle.

1L 250ml

Magnifies the Brilliance of Colours

Colour Reflex is the special shampoo for colour-treated, dyed hair, single hair, strands, streaked and bleached hair. The cleansing substances are mild and do not reduce moisture. Amino acids make the hair silky, reduce tangles and static charging. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. The pH-value 5,5 is ideal for the scalp. Above all, however, SOLAMER GR8 prevents the destruction and bleaching of colours. This product gives you long radiance and exceptional shine again and again.

1L 250ml



Elastic Hold for Every Styling

Softfinish Spray by Great Lengths is exactly what you need to give your styling that natural and vibrant look. With the right application, it also gives your hair more volume. The secret of the spray lies in its perfect mixture of high quality polymers. They give your hair stability in wind – and also in high humidity weather. They also support the silkiness and elasticity of the hair and make it easily manageable. Your styling holds extremely well without sticking or weighing down. A natural look with silky shine for a long time!



Care and Finishing

The Ultrafast Conditioner

The ideal conditioner for dry, stressed and damaged hair. In only 60 seconds, your hair is repaired and stays treated for 60 hours! The creamy emulsion does not weigh your hair down and rinses out easily. AQUARICH® supplies the valuable regenerative substances for more shine and volume and counteracts static charging. ALOE VERA balances moisture loss and gives your hair a silky feel. JOJOBA-oil supplies your hair and scalp with in-depth moisture and protects against dehydration.

1L 250ml

Save the Best for Last

Anti Tap Water is the ultimate fi nish for basically all hair treatments: also after hair extensions or the removal of strands. PANTHENOL supplies your hair with moisture and promotes fl exibility. Liquid hair keratin replaces and rebuilds missing substance. BIOTIN promotes the natural balance and natural functions of the scalp and hair. GSP-T® provides protection against damages due to free radicals and environmental strains. The pH-value 3,2 contracts the scaly layer of the hair and preserves care
substance like moisture.

1L 250ml

Instant Care Spray Conditioner

The new spray is adequate for all types of hair and makes your hair manageable and reduces tangles immediately. Ideal as a quick fix, especially also for coloured hair, because the conditioner stays in your hair. Curls and waves are reinforced. The protector protects against free radicals with GSP-T®, SOLAMER GR8 prevents the destruction and bleaching of colours. Substances similar to those in your hair increase the vitality and resistance. Cationic polymers prevent static charging.

200ml (sprayer)

The New Velvety Soft Shimmer

The Serum Hairfluid is adequate for all types of hair and will excite you with its magical shine effect. A great hair feeling! For centuries, argan oil was regarded an insider tip for the cosmetic industry. We have rediscovered it for professional hair care. The softness gets its final touch with tiger nut oil that provides natural protection against free radicals. Your hair will be soft, with additional volume, and will become easily manageable and very flexible.



Comprehensive regeneration for your hair

The hair mask Extra Rich is a rich intensive conditioner for very dry, brittle, stressed and unmanageable hair. For example after summer vacation with high UV-radiation, this conditioner rebuilds the structure of your hair. The main active ingredient is PRO-KERATIN, which closes the gaps with amino acids and proteins that are similar and identical to those of your hair.  GSP-T® additionally gives protection against free radicals.  Pro-Vitamin BĘ½ ensures a healthy moisture balance in hair and scalp.


Salon Only

Cleansing Before Hair Extension

We recommend Clean Remover Shampoo for in-depth cleansing prior to all services at the hairdressers, also prior to every hair extension! Accumulations like dust or residue of styling products, accumulated minerals from tap water and pollutants are thoroughly removed. This pure cleansing is possible with the new ingredient FLEXAN II®. It also ensures that the scalp and the hair is not damaged. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. The pH-value 5,5 is gentle to your scalp.

1L (professional use only)