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2018 Regional Training Seminar Schedule

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2018 Dates


Due Date - 4 Weeks Prior

January 29-30 Calgary, AB  
January 29-30 Vancouver, BC  
February 4-5 Toronto, ON  
February 11-12 Winnipeg, MB  
February 25-26 Ottawa, ON  
March 4-5 St-John's, NL  
March 4-5 Toronto, ON  
March 11-12 Quebec, QC  
March 18-19 Calgary, AB  
March 18-19 Fredericton, NB  
April 8-9 Toronto, ON  
April 15-16 Edmonton, AB  
April 22-23 Vancouver, BC  
April 22-23 Ottawa, ON  
April 29-30 Halifax, NS  
May 13-14 Edmonton, AB  
May 20-21 Montreal, QC  
May 27-28 Quebec, QC  
June 10-11 St-John's, NL  
June 10-11 Montreal, QC  
June 24-25 Toronto, ON  
June 24-25 Ottawa, ON  
July 8-9 Charlottetown, PEI  
July 8-9 Fredericton, NB  
July 15-16 Regina, SK  
July 22-23 Montreal, QC  
July 22-23 Halifax, NS  
July 29-30 Calgary, AB  
July 29-30 Toronto, ON  
August 12-13 Fredericton, NB  
August 12-13 Moncton, NB  
August 12-13 Quebec, QC  
August 26-27 Edmonton, AB  
August 26-27 Toronto, ON  
September 16-17 Calgary, AB  
October 14-15 Vancouver, BC  
October 14-15 Moncton, NB  
October 21-22 Toronto, ON  
October 21-22 Ottawa, ON  
October 28-29 Calgary, AB  
October 28-29 Edmonton, AB  
October 28-29 Halifax, NS  
November 4-5 Montreal, QC  
November 4-5 St-John's, NL  
November 4-5 Victoria, BC  
November 18-19 Toronto, ON  
November 18-19 Winnipeg, MB  
November 25-26 Calgary, AB  
November 25-26 Ottawa, ON  
November 25-26 Vancouver, BC  
November 25-26 Moncton, NB  
December 9-10 Toronto, ON  
December 9-10 Ottawa, ON  
December 9-10 Halifax, NS  

Any Great Lengths certified professional who wishes to attend a seminar for the purposes of updating their skills or re-training, may do so free of charge.  Please check with our office to ensure that space is available if you wish to attend a particular seminar and that some additional training materials at minimal cost must be purchased beforehand.