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Only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used 

Enhancements beyond expectations.

When it comes to hair extensions, Great Lengths has been one step ahead from the start.  No other system has developed a similarly non-compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer's own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.

It is, therefore, no wonder that Great Lengths was able to establish itself on the worldwide market within a span of only a few years. Today, top hairdressers in Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and many more countries are offering Great Lengths with increasing success.